180713 Tall Ships Race 1

13 juli tot 20 juli 2018

Willem Korbijn, Captain T.S. Eendracht

Live Blog - Tall Ships Race 1

18 Juli 2018
Willem Korbijn, Captain T.S. Eendracht

Friday 13 July 2018

Sunderland, UK. On T.S. Eendracht this is the big day of the crew change in preparation of the Tall Ships Race 1. The first half of the afternoon the crew changes and during the second half the new trainees report on board. They are a mixture of Dutch, English and Danish youngsters. The trainees get their bunks and cabins (bed and room) allocated and after dinner they are addressed and welcomed by the captain. They are informed on safety issues and do’s and don’ts. After that they are assigned to their Watch Leaders and get themselves acquainted with the ship and their fellow watch mates. During the evening there is time for a quick run-ashore and then we all admire the fireworks.

Saturday 14 July 2018

It is very busy with spectators on the quay. The weather is beautiful. After breakfast the training begins. First the trainees are instructed on how to handle ropes, winches and back-stays. After coffee break an “abandon ship drill” is done.  Everybody reports at their muster stations and get informed about what to do in case of emergencies.

As planned exactly at 13.50 we let go lines and “waved out” by many spectators we sail out of the Harbour of Sunderland and take up our place in the Sail Out Parade. The next few hours are spent on sail hoisting, sail handling and tacking, while we prepare for the off-shore start of the race. The big A- Class vessels have to start at 19.00 Lt.  By that time it become very busy near the start line with ship trying to maneuver themselves in the ideal position. Unfortunately the wind decreases but most of the A-Class vessels manage to cross the start line within the allocated time window of 20 minutes. It is a very impressive sight to see so many Tall Ships under sail so  close together. Then the flock of ships set out on an easterly windward course.

Sunday 15 July 2018

During the night we make slow progress due to light winds. Of course this applies to all ships but the lighter and the square rigged vessel have an advantage now. However, in course of the day the wind increases to 4 Bft and backs, making it more favorable to us.

Monday 16 July 2018

The favorable winds remained during the night and slowly we overtake some of our competitors. In course of the day the wind backs and consequently our course has to change as well bringing us more in northerly direction than we hoped for. Early in the evening we tack and now we progress in a southerly direction. It will be quite a challenge to reach the finish line in time. The race finishes at tomorrow at 24.00 UK time (UTC+1)

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Overnight we make good progress in southerly direction. Though this does not bring us closer to the finish line but it takes us to a position from which we can approach the finish line after tacking. Most recent weather charts indicate that in the next few hours, the wind  will veer as a cold front will pass us. We tack at 09.00 for our final leg towards the finish line. Still 90 nautical miles to go in 15 hours. Then it is announced by Race Control that the finish time  is brought forward to 15.00 today. Thus we will not be able to pass the finish line in time. In those cases the distance from the 15.00 position towards  the finish line will be converted into “time sailed”.

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Live blog - Tall Ships Race 1

14 Juli 2018
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