Discovery sail to Esbjerg - NEW IN OUR SAILING SCHEDULE

220629 Discovery sail to Esbjerg

New in our sailing schedule

A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Discover the beautiful coastal towns of Skagerak. Sail along various Swedish and Norwegian archipelagoes on board the three-masted topsail schooner Eendracht and experience what it is like to sail a Tall Ship at sea. Tack, man overboard, port, galley. Do you already know these terms? Discover them aboard the largest gaff topsail schooner in the Netherlands. Our crew is happy to teach you everything about the ins and outs on board Eendracht. Participating in the activities and watch schedule is on a voluntary basis. Visit the beautiful coastal towns of Southern Scandinavia. Explore the picturesque coastal villages during the day and experience the bright summer nights at sea. To cover the distance and enjoy sailing to the fullest we will have a few sea days. We depart from Varberg and set course to sea. While sailing, the ship is bustling with activities. Have you ever showered when a ship is tilted? Get on board, because your Eendracht adventure starts here.

Where are we going?


Esbjerg coast plays an important role in this town. It is the center of fishing and seafaring. Take a look at the artwork Man Meets the Sea. If you want to learn more about the history of the city, visit the shipping museum. One of Esbjerg’s biggest attractions. For long walks you can go to the Wadden Sea National Park. Take the ferry and discover the beautiful Wadden Islands of Esbjerg!

In Esbjerg you leave the ship or stay another night and check out the other Tall Ships, because a big Sail event is taking place this weekend.


A small picturesque town center and surrounding villages nestled between the famous red granite rocks where the Gullmarsfjord meets the deep sea of ​​the Skagerrak. An area full of cultural history, deep forests, small islands and numerous outdoor activities. Marstrand, (sailing capital of Sweden) Far to the west, where the island groups end and the open sea begins, is Marstrand. A paradise for sailing and swimming, with quaint neighborhoods and pedestrianized streets. Discover the island’s beautiful scenery, salty swimming spots and fascinating history.


It’s time to explore the relaxed atmosphere of Risør. The city, not only famous for its white-painted wooden houses, but also for its infectious creative passion. Risør is a completely walkable city. Get a panoramic view from the Risørfleks, Treasures await you around every corner, in niche shops  and in the many cafes and restaurants.


The traditions of the past meet the modern trends of today in Arendal. From the lighthouses that have existed for decades to underwater safaris and a science center – you will leave truly inspired. The charming old town of Tyholmen and the bustling inner harbor of Pollen make Arendal a varied and exciting seaside resort with adventures for young and old.

Hvide Sande

Aside from the wind, it’s all about the fish. Hvide Sande has a busy deep sea fishing harbour, with fish processing plants and an early morning fish auction. There is also a small fishing museum/aquarium. Hvide Sande has it all. City life. Harbor life. The beach. Fishing and delicious food.

Life on board

On arrival onboard you will be welcomed by our professional and largely voluntary crew members. You will be guided to your cabin, and you will have plenty time to unpack your bags and settle in. Coffee and tea are ready, and the skipper will introduce himself and all the crewmembers during his welcome speech. Before sailing out you will receive a safety instruction, and you will get to know your fellow travellers. As soon as you step on board, you can relax and enjoy it to the fullest. Not only the cosy atmosphere, the beautiful views and the experience of sailing a Tallship but also culinary, you will be well looked after. Our ship’s cook prepares the tastiest meals for all those on board. This trip is full board, so breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

This is included:

Joining the watch is on a voluntary basis and can be filled in as needed during the trip.

  • Bed linen
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and fruit
  • Layout in a 2- or 4-person cabin
  • When booking you can indicate whether you want to use a cabin in a 2- or 4-person cabin, if available. Take into account the different price ranges. People who pay the youth price do not have this choice.
  • Prefer a cabin alone? This is also possible. There is a surcharge of 50% of the p.p.p. on-board price for a double cabin. Please note: limited availability.
  • Any excursions during the trip organised by the Eendracht

This is not included:

  • Transfer from and to the ship
  • Travel insurance, MANDATORY
  • Cancellation insurance, recommended
  • Drinks from the bar and souvenirs

It is possible to pay by card on board.

Travel information

The language on board for this trip will mainly be English because this trip is offered internationally.

Our crew is happy to teach you everything about the ins and outs on board the Eendracht.
You don’t have to stand guard on this trip.

Please read our travelinformation carefully to ensure that you are well prepared for your trip.

Want to know more? Please contact us via the contactform.

Varberg, SE - Esbjerg, DK


8 Nachten | 29/06/22 - 07/07/22

Soort reis: Zeilreis (15 t/m 80 jaar)

2-personscabin: € 1.755,00 p.p.

4-personscabin: € 1.599,00 p.p.

Youthprize: € 877,50 p.p. (Aged 15-25 limited number of places available)

Opstap: Varberg, Zweden - Woensdag 29 juni 2022, 16:00u (Boarden tussen 15:45u en 16:00u)

Afstap: Esbjerg, Denemarken - Maandag 07 juli 2022, 12:00

Important information

A sailing trip during corona

Book now, pay later. If the trip by COVID-19 can not continue, you get a full refund.

A corona protocol approved by the Rotterdam Safety Region will be followed on board. Click here to view the announcement and the video about all the measures that have been taken.

Do not forget to bring a valid passport or identity card on board (Driver’s license is not sufficient). If you do not bring a valid travel document you can unfortunately not sail. A refund is not possible.

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